What the f**k happened on the way to destination unknown…

What the f**k happened on the way to destination unknown…

I haven’t been around much lately.  So here’s an all honest no holds barred truth to why I haven’t blogged lately.






If you think it’s because I’ve been on holidays

I haven’t

If you think it’s because I’ve had head down and bum up and full on into my story ‘Night Myst’ as reported in an earlier post

I haven’t

If you think it’s because I’m lazy and ignoring my readers

I’m most DEFINETLY not

My life has changed and is changing at a rate of knots that I can barely keep up with it.

MY novel ‘Night Myst’ has been shelved temporarily.  I adore this story to absolute bits.  The video I made of the storyboard is still up on my whiteboard taunting me every day.  Every day that I do not write one word towards it’s progression.  Emma and Chloe are not particularly happy with me :(  I have left them in the haunted or somewhat creepy mansion in the room thick with cobwebs and musty sheets and an old piano.

I haven’t given them permission to leave through the broken window yet…

I’m still writing, or should say, I’m continuing to hone and re-sub short fiction that I have an abundance of, but not yet, been able to find a suitable home for.


I’m studying business and marketing, as well as working  part-time (you know the kind of work I mean – the one that pays the bills)

I’m experiencing deeply personal stuff, grief, loss (more than I can poke a stick at) death (including a sudden and traffic death of a very close and long time friend) sorrow of intense and sometimes overwhelming proportions, while at the same time rebuilding my life into something joyous, and abundant, honest,  beautiful and FREE.




I’m working towards financial, spiritual and personal freedom, growth in ways I would not have imagined nine months ago.  I always imagined and believed in abundance, and working toward a more ‘intune’ and ‘creative’ life, so what I really mean is, I would not have imagined the intensity of the past nine months.

One could say all these changes is exciting and potentially they are, but when they are wrapped up in fear, and anger, and pain, and grief, it can cloud the issue a bit, so it’s kinda intense in my world right now.

But rest assured I’m okay, my health is holding in there, my mind is coping for the most part (except for major sleep deprivation) I’m working on it – no point in crash and burn is there?

I’m focussed, determined and ready to take on the world despite the FEAR that comes knocking every now and then.  It just reminds me, I’m human, and vulnerable and that’s okay.

Vulnerabilty is a good thing, it teaches us how to be honest, not only with others, but more importantly to ourselves.

So this post is to keep you a little up-to-date in the world of the Midnight rambler…who still rambles at midnight when she should be sleeping :)

I haven’t given up writing, but my focus or the lens has shifted slightly, until I figure out the panoramoic view.

I’m still intensely in love with finishing my novel ‘Night Myst’ and I really must let Emma and Chloe out of that house because it must be scaring them half to death by now :)

Or is that the sinister side of me, the author, who doesn’t mind instilling a little fear in my characters, or is it purely a reflection of my own fear?

Who knows…

What I do know is that Emma and Chloe will be stronger for it, their relationship will bond like never before, and they will see this potentially frightening world they see themselves in, as one of hope, for they know they have the key, and the power to change what is about to turn their world upside down.

I too, know this in my own life, and perhaps when I’m closer to realising my dreams and what I can and cannot change, I will let the girls find that broken window and get out.

They have to get out so they can conquer their world as the amazing human beings they will prove to be, no matter how sucky, or what those creatures in the mist will throw at them.



Until next time, dear readers, I thank you for finding the time to read this.

I thank you for your ongoing support.  I’m not going anywhere, I just have some f**king enormous shit to get through before I too can climb out of the broken window.

Midnight rambler is moving forward…baby steps or going by recent weeks GINORMOUS steps ♥

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Panster or plotter?

Panster or plotter?

To follow on from my last post, I do hope you will enter the wee fun giveaway mentioned at the end of that post :)  I will make a decision and post results on Wednesday 15th.

If you found time to watch the video, I asked at the end for you to send me pictures or a video of your storyboard.

I would love to see what you have done with your stories but if you’re not particularly visual, I would still be keen to hear about your writing style: panster, plotter or somewhere in between?

Have you experimented with this and what has worked and what hasn’t and why?  Would love to know how you approach this.

And a question for READERS ONLY – do you see or think about what writing style the author may have adopted?  Is is something you look for or are you more concerned with flow?

Keep in touch dear readers – looking forward to all your feedback :)

Midnight rambler is plotting…

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Hell bent and twisted out of shape ~ Part II

Hell bent and twisted out of shape ~ Part II

As promised, here is Part II of my work in progress. Once I’d gotten over the whole genre issue, writing is fun again! And at the end of this post is a giveaway!  I hope you will stick around :)

I’ve given no spoilers or any real clues to what happens in this story.  This is purely a visual map of how I see the world so each day when I sit down to write I have a very clear visual of my characters and world.

The actors I’ve used for this project is not so much of what they look like but their expressions.  I wanted to capture an essence of their character through body language and mood.

What do these things tell me about them?

I hope my snapshot of Emma and Chloe will give you a clue to what type of character they might be.

I’m currently 18K words into the story and up until this point I have been writing organically or the ‘panster’.  Not typically my style in novels – I tend to plan.

Very good reasons why I plan. I learned a long time ago from Kim Wilkins, an award-winning writer in children’s, historical and speculative fiction why planning a novel gets you across the finish line.

I reserve organic writing to short fiction, as from experience, it’s too hard to pull off in novel length without a plan.

If you look closely you will see I have started with some rough notes on the project :)

I’m at the point in my story where it’s about time I started planning but before I do, I’ve mapped out the story with pictures beforehand.  I love the visual element of story telling.

More details and plot development is due to take place in this here notebook…

Since learning that valuable lesson from Kim Wilkins, all those years ago, I never write a novel without a notebook, ideas, bullet points for scenes and chapters and most of all a PLAN.

So this is good visual fun for me which keeps me connected to my world which is a contemporary novel with fantastical elements.

More in the video:

What do you think of my storyboard and can you gauge what you think it might be about?

I have two books to giveaway.  First prize winner will be for the person who comes closest to what the actual story is about and the second prize winner to the person with the most creative response.

First prize winner will get to choose which book out of the two they would like:

  • Blaze by Stephen King ~ Brief synopsis: ‘Blaze is running into the teeth of a howling storm and the cops are closing in.  He’s got a baby as a hostage, and the Crime of the Century just turned into a race against time in the white hell of the Maine woods.’
  • Sasha by Joel Shepherd ~ Brief synopsis: ‘Sasha is a fighter, the like of which the highland country of Lenayin has never seen.  Lenayin is a land divided by its two beliefs: The Verenthane of the ruling class and the pagan Goeren-yai.  Sasha is searching for what she believes and must choose her side carefully.’

Please leave your answers to the question and any comments on this post in the comment box below, and not on facebook, as I will be judging from this blog post.

Good luck!

Midnight rambler looking forward to reading your inventive storylines :)

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